sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Showcase videos: Video I, Khador Battlebox

Well friends today  I am bring in to you a showcase video of my Khador Battlebox. Hope you like it.

Roll ´em all!!!

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Terrain articles; Article III, Small Stone Wall

Well friends, this time I am bringing you another terrain article, this small stone wall was made with small stones I picked up in the backyard, first I glue them on a cardboard, and them one upon the other, I glue the stones with some white glue, to paint them I used the same method as in the previous articles as the hills and the wooden fence. I hope you like it and hope you can use it in your table game.

Roll ´em all!!!

martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Warmachine Khador Battlebox!

Well friends, this time the entry is going to be short, I just want to show you my first steps in this Warmachine game.
This is the Khador Battlebox miniatures, I hope you like it!

Roll ´em all!!!

viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Terrain articles: Article II, wooden fence

Hello again friends! This time I am bringing you a new terrain article, this time I made a couple of wooden fence, I proceeded the same way as eith the Hills Article, with the cardboard cuttin and with the sand and painting. That was for the ground part of the fence.  OK, let´s see how I made it.

 First of all, I used materials that you can find in you own house and maybe you are using it for you home duties, as the matches. To make the wooden fence I use used matches cutting them their "heads". I cutted the heads and glue them with the white glue and proceed as I made with the hills. I even make some broken fence to make the war terrain a little more realistic. I hope you like it. To know how I painted it check out my previous terrain article.

I hope you like it!