viernes, 9 de mayo de 2014

New miniatures!... and nothing to show this week.

This is a post with no terrain or miniatures to show, right now. I was very busy this week and I couldn´t finish some miniatures or terrains.
But I´m bringing you this, these are the new miniatures arrived me this week, to become part of my Circle Orboros and Khador armies! I really like Warmachine and Hordes from Privateer Press, so as soon as I can I will bring you some battle report.

viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

Terrain article V - Steel fence part 1

Here I come with a new Terrain article, as I did with my last terrain project, I´m going to show you this in several parts, because until I could finish it will take some time. So this first part is how I started this.
Is a terrain piece for modern wargames, I don´t think futuristic, but you could use it there too.
First I cut some long-matchstick, and built them as seen on the pictures, then I cut some of
that cloth crosslinked by the measure I wanted and glue them to the matchsticks.
Second I glue all to a cardboard sheet (here you could use something else, more rigid).
Once all was dry, I primed in black and then started to paint it in grey (so the final color is starting to show up).
This terrain piece is being built, so as soon as I can I will upload more pictures, as I always say, this is an example of how I built this, is for you to take some ideas and build your own, even better. If you do this, please take some pictures and upload them so I can see them.
Hope you like it!