viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Enter the Red Dragon...

Well friends, first of all, I am very sorry for my absence, it´s been a while since I have the time to write something. I have been working in this project, and I want to show the way I paint a Dragon from the game Pathfinder® this miniature is made by Reaper®.
I am showing you some pictures of the painting advance and how I was making it.

I started priming the dragon in black; I have no particular brand paints, so I will just say black. If you want you can prime the dragon in red, some kind of dark red, this will considerably reduce the painting time.

Then I paint the parts which I consider red, which are the scales, these are in the body, in some parts of the wings.

After the red base coat was ready, I keep up with the wings, I started painting some dark orange or maybe you can apply some kind of yellow mustard, darker than the usual. This is because I think the skin between the finger´s wing is lighter or different from the scale´s color. And then I make a dark wash, you can choose any kind of dark wash, maybe something brown or black.

I continue painting the chest, from a lighter yellow. Then I high light the chest.

From the chest I move to the horns and the claws. I started painting them from a lighter brown; I have not a dark brown to make it. Then I painted with a white-cream-yellow mix, that does not cover the all horn, just a little bit upper the base. And finally I touch the last part with a white color, to highlight it.

I come back to the body and the scales; this was because I need a darker and deeper red, and I painted the all body with this kind of red. Then I make a dark wash to penetrate the scales, and I paint some shadows with a black ink. After that was finished I made a dry brush with a light red to the all body.

Then I painted the base with a metalized gold, and applying a dark was with some black ink, and after that job I apply some flock, this was to create the idea of old relics in the wild or something in that way.

I finished the miniature painting the eyes in green and trying to make the idea of glowing.

Well I hope you can enjoy this little project, as soon as I can I will post some other projects in order for you to enjoy it.

Sorry if the images and the text do not fix in a 100%, I were working in diferents days and I did not make a schedule for this hehe. Please cooment, and suscribe if you like it to help us improve our job.
Roll ´em all!

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