viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

The donate button...

Ok this entry is to explain the "donate" button on the right side of the blog, because I received a couple of mails asking me why I need a donate button and other unhappy words. First of all, it is not an obligation to donate, as it is said, it is to donate, so the one who can, and more important, the one who wants support us can donate.
I will explain why I put it there, me and my girlfriend are trying to open a wargaming club and it is costing us a lot of effort because it is just the two of us, I open this blog because, first of all, I love this kind of hobbies and want to show to other players some ideas and get some ideas in the same way, and I put the button because this is taking us the effort and the time so I put the button to the ones who want to help us, becuase we need to eat and this take us a lot of time and we want to dedicated more time, for now it is just donation but as soon as I can get a camera and film some videos for the ones who donate and have donate we are going to give some special videos made to all the ones who support us the most.
Thanks to all of you who help us just by reading this blog, and to the ones who consider using some ideas you read here. Thank you all.

Roll ´em all!!!

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