viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

Terrain article VI: Field of small volcanoes.

Fellows! It´s been a while since I post something, I´ve been quite busy lately. Today I´m bringing you a new cheap-quick-easy to made-terrain for your Wargames. It took me like one hour to make it, total. You can use this terrain to some dark sci-fi world, or maybe a mountain field.
To make this volcanoes you need:
  • Black and grey paint.
  • Sand.
  • PVA glue
  • Some old brushes.
  • Cardboard where the eggs come from.
  • A small piece of cardboard or wood to make the base.
  • That´s it!
First, just cut some part of the eggs´s cardboard, the amount of volcanoes you want in your terrain. Glue them to your base, then put some PVA glue to the base and add the sand.
Print them in black (in this case, you can use other color if you want to make the volcanoes in some grass terrain), then apply some dry brush with grey. And that´s all! Yes, the terrain is finish, and you can add some red paint to make the lava and any kind of detail you want.
Hope you like it!


And here is the video, in case you want to share it.

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