domingo, 15 de marzo de 2015

Space Marine Terminator Squad first project.

Well, today I`m bringing you a project asked by a customer/friend, who ask me to paint his Space Marines Terminators miniatures, from Warhammer 40K. As he wanted for his Space Wolves army, I decided to paint them in gray (because if you do not have the right paint color from Citadel, it´s quite dificult to make it exactly as the Space Wolves blue/gray). He asked for the basic painting I do, and besides time was not a problem, I could finish them in less than one evening.
Steps I made:

  1. Spray white primer.
  2. Then I mixed blue with the gray I had to made a lighter gray. And applied as the base paint.
  3. I painted most of the details in black, and the rest of them in gold, silver and bone.
  4. Applied a black wash to highlight miniature details, and made them look dirty (they are in a war!)
  5. And you can add some dry brush here and there for more details.
Hope you like them!

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