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Lizardmen Slann Mage-Priest painting... step by step

Well frineds, in this ocassion I am bringing you a new painting model from the Lizardmen Army of Warhammer Fantsy game. I was working with, it was for a coustumer. He told me he did not like it too much the Slann paint, but I was trying something new, and after he saw it in his hand he was happy with this miniature. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: As obvious as it is, the first step was celaning the miniature imprefections with the tools. But I´ve heard of a lot of people who do not clean the miniature and then it has some imperfections at the painting time.

Step 2: I prime all the Slann and his throne in black. I do not have an spray so I do it at old school style.

Step 3: I painted the stone throne with a dark gray, as I told in the previous entries, I do not work with brand paints so I can not tell you names as "true blue" or anything like that. This is jus a dark gray, I paint all the stone, not the details, just a layer to what I want to looks like a stone.

Step 4: Then I apply a first layer to the details I think that are gold or bronze maybe for the exception of the borders. I apply a first yellow layer.

Step 5: After that I painted almost all the details of the throne with it firsts layer, all except the animals in the throne. I painted the hornes in brown, the roots and the leafs in a dark green tone.

Step 6: After all that was made I started with the second layer in the golden parts, I painted with a pure gold and then I applied a third layer with some kind of brown wash, to make the idea of old gold.

Step 7: This step was made with a couple of days later because some time dificulties. I started painting the second and third layer of the hornes, the second layer is some yellow:white mix, I will say something like 4:1, and then just pure white to make the highlighting.

Step 8: Here I painted all the animals in the Slann Throne. And make the second layer of the roots with som brown-green mix, I will said 2:1. I painted the lizards in a red color, the frogs in some light green, as the smll snake, And the skink I painted in some dark purple, with some dark wash.

Step 9: Then I start to paint the Slann Mage-Priest, I wanted to try some new colors and a dry brush techniques, so I started painting all the Salnn in a purple color. Then I painted the belly in a charmer color, some mix with white and purle and just a bit of yellow, I will say it is 3:1:1,  and I highlight the Slann body with a purple-white mix, maybe 2:1. And I painted the details of the Slann the same as the gold in his throne.

Step 10: I continue the painting with the dry brush technique I wanted to use it. I applied dry brush to the all body.

Step 11: I continue with the Salnn details, as his eyes and that red circles, I chosed the red color because I wanted to call teh attention to his face. Here is the Slann Mage-Pries finished.

Step 12: The base, this was important to me, to finished a good miniature, I made this base:



I hope you have enjoyed the painting process I have made with this warhammer miniature.
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See you next time!


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