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Terrain articles: Article I, the hills

Hello friends, this time I am starting a new topic in this blog, the terrain articles. I will publish several of this articles because I enjoy to make my own terrains, I made this hills this time, this a cheap, easy and a quick way to make some hills to your wargame table. Also this is a way to recycle some materials other way will finsh in the trash maybe. I started using a box, the cardboard of this boxes is quite useful to what we made.

Step 1: Start cutting your box or your cardboard in the shapes you consider appropriate, this depend only of your imagination.

 Step 2: Put some white glue between the cardboard sheets to start making the levels, you can choose to make just one level, but it is more fun if you add at least two levels, then just put the other sheet on the one you applied the white glue.

Step 3: Then applied some white glue to all the surface, this is to put some fine sand on it.

Step 4: First of all, I forggot to take some pictures of the sand surface without painting, hehe I´m sorry. After the sand, I applied a white glue- black paint mix, this is to fix the sand to the terrain and to prepare a painting base.


Step 5: Then I simply painted with a brown tone, to emulate a natural ground.

Step 6: After the brown paint was finished, I painted with a dark green tone and I finished with a dry brush of a lighter green.

And this is how I make my hills, I hope you have ennjoyed and that this was helpful to you to make more terrains. This project took me three days, the first twoo days was to let the white glue dry, but in time of work this take me like three hours in total to make five hills.
Thanks you for reading! If you want to support us please comment and follow us to make us to improve our job.

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