sábado, 19 de abril de 2014

Protectorate of Menoth VS. Circle Orboros

Today, I bring you a report of a game I had this week, it was a meeting between Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth against part of my Circle Orboros army from Hordes. I do not have a camera to film battles (still, who wants to help me in this little matter is always welcome, lol) so I have to make it with Battle Chronicler, a software I don´t still manage to achieve 100%.

I hope you see this and the strategic blunder that I made during that meeting, I trusted the inexperience of my opponent and (despite several errors I skiped as he is learning the game) and is the second time I lose that manner.

Scenario: Well, the background was very simple, basically had everything in the Terrain articles I have shown you so far. I have a little project on the way, but I have to show them how to achieve just that.

Deployment: This was the deployment, the first round, after a tie, was for my opponent.

Turn 1-Protectorate of Menoth: This is what my opponent decided to do (don´t know why in the image I could not put Circle Orboros, or why his Warcaster does not appear as a single model, but as a large trip square). He just moved and tried to get lucky with some shots of his Warjack Vanquisher.

Turn 1 - Circle Orboros: In this turn I just decided to move because I do not have shots units, or those that I have it, do not have long range.

Turn 2 - Protectorate of Menoth: He decided to move this turn, since he could not specify charges, and notice that the Paladin moved at the left of the picture, I completely forgot about the strength of those Paladin the Order of the Wall.

Turn 2 - Circle Orboros: I already having it on range I decided to make full charges, cast spells with my Warlock and leave almost no Fury Points (which reduced its armor) and well, I said, "Ok, now I wreck all his Warjacks. "

Turn 3 - Protectorate of Menoth: And here ended my smile, yeah, yeah, that happened. The Paladin of the Order of the Wall, got on my left flank, and charged, it turns out these guys are tough, and have Weapon Master, adding a dice to the damage, plus one dice for the charge, my little armor, and high rolls in his dices and well ... that ends my Warlock and the game.

Hope you like this, I have other games and reports on the way and will be showing it soon. I ask you, What would have been your strategy?

Roll ´em all!

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